One Breath

Today, I feel searing pain,
Not in my bones anymore,
But in my soul.
I’m alone, scared.

Reaching into the darkness,
Hoping for contact,

Feeling my way through the fog,
Blindly stumbling,
From one false hope,
To the next.

I crave, so badly;
Relief from this pain.
To be sleeping whilst awake,
Like before.

The voice in me concludes;
“Just another pill,
One more drink,
Will stop the hurt.”

I feel shock and shame,
Coursing through me,
Burning my soul;
From the inside

You asked “Are you ok?”
“Yes” (actually, no,
But I can’t say
How I really feel)

And then… I breathe,
I forget this so often.
I fill with pure air,
And I remember…

I have made it this far,
I can do this,
I am strong.
One breath at a time.


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