Beautiful Bitch

Fucking evil stalker bitch,
Keeping me right where you want me.
Tracking every move I make,
Increasingly corrupting my soul.
Taunting, mocking, bullying.
Pulling my hair, scratching my skin.


I try to hide from you, to ignore, deny,
But you are cunning, you know how to play me.
Promising that you will depart;
If I let you in one last time.
Persuading, tempting, promising.
Creeping through my veins, hiding in my bones.

You take me, and use me as you desire,
Sullying the innocence I once possessed.
Staying for as long as you wish,
Keeping my dirty, tainted.
Polluting, tormenting, corrupting.
You rape my body, torture my mind.

Enticing me with your beauty,
Keeping me there with your erotic promises.
Fantasies of a harmonious mind,
Promises of ultimate, exquisite euphoria.
Touching, caressing, seducing.
Stroking my desires with promises of ecstasy.

I fight you for so long,
But succumb, eventually to your irresistible power.
Addiction; you beautiful bitch.