We’re on first name terms, shame and I,
Like an old friend, comfortable in their presence.
I’ve tried many tricks to get away,
Running, avoiding, hiding.
Travelling so far,
Mainly down roads where numbing was the destination.

Sometimes, it tricks me, I believe I’m free,
Then, I feel it creeping across my skin.
Seeping through my pores,
Entering that comfortable place.
I feel it chilling my core, in my bones, in my heart,
Inviting itself to reside wherever it likes.

I try to befriend it “its ok, you belong here”
I shout at it… “Fuck off, cunt”
But shame just laughs in my face,
Taunting me with its tempting offerings.
I only know the old ways,
Taking risks, numbing, succumbing.

Stripped Bare

I stand, face to face with myself.
Looking at the wrinkles, the lines,
And the fat bits, the saggy bits.
And the tears.

I can’t hide anymore, I am out in the open.
Vulnerable, exposed, naked,
Standing in the cold rain.
Alone with my fears.

I am stripped bare, no more running,
Facing the wolves alone,
No one to protect me.
I must fight.

What now? There’s no going back,
Its happening so fast,
I have to trust, to believe.
This. Is. Right.

Addiction and Me

Addiction. I found comfort in addiction. I could hide in addiction. I could live away from my head, pretend my body didn’t exist, live in a fantasy world of non-life, of non-reality that I had created for myself. This led me to a place where I could become comfortably-numb (yes, Pink Floyd reference).

Since I was 13, I found comfort and escape in nicotine, then alcohol, drugs, more drugs. Then prescription painkillers (that one snuck up on me), years of battling with denial, and my need for more and more. To feel less and less.

I slid comfortably from one addiction to another, and back again, tricking myself that I had overcome one addiction, moving to stronger and stronger drugs, numbing myself more and more.

It’s been coming for a long time, and it now feels that somehow, from somewhere, over this last month or so, through this massive period of catharsis and change, I have found some courage. I have found a voice in that darkness. I have found the strength to start to face those things that I hid from. I stopped taking my painkillers, stopped drinking, stopped denial. The physical and mental withdrawals are hard, though helped by qigong, connection, a change in lifestyle, a change in mind, body and spirit, through support.

Now, I stand and face what I was numbing myself from. The pain, abuse, bullying, fear, being alone, the darkness. That is fucking scary.

I also face my ego. I have to face myself. That is fucking hard.

Today, it hit me, that I am starting to face all of this, by myself, after a lifetime of numbing.

Today, is the first day in weeks where I have wanted to numb, wanted a drink, wanted a smoke, wanted painkillers.

Today I have not succumb. But I fucking hurt hard.

Change, Awareness, Gratitude

Since starting qigong, I am experiencing so much change within, and without. I am aware of it constantly.

Energy flows, aches, pains, awarenesses of parts of the body that I didn’t have an awareness of before! Other pains, which had been there for years, gone, dissolved, like they had never existed.

Change in my posture, in my weight, in how I breathe, in how I use my energy. Wanting to stand more rather than sit, wanting to move, to walk to run, to dance.

Change in appetite, in how much water I am drinking, in no longer drinking alcohol, change in what I want to put into my body, great eliminations.

Changes in how I relate to clients, to others, to loved ones, to strangers, in how I relate to myself.

Awareness of so much in the past, and how I related to it, how this has changed. Awareness of abuses, misuses, of numbing it all out, of addictions.

Awareness, and trust in the strong, deep cleansing process that is happening now.

Awareness, love and deep gratitude, to my teachers. To my openness to learn. For my life, my spirit, for what is me.

The Healing Trees

Shadows of ancient wounds, emerging, revealing,
Releasing through my weary body.
Wave after wave, like a powerful dragon,
Ripping through my soul to escape his prison.

I surrender to it, letting go, retreating,
Becoming the pain which consumes me.
The fire inside, burning, relentless,
Tearing at my skin until it is prisoner no more

Then, I look up, and watch, remembering,
Words spoken from the heart.
I see the sentinels standing, strong, knowing,
Their energy, powerful, flowing, infinite.

As they sway, gentle, peaceful,
Connected to mother earth, to father sky.
Their secrets and teaching filling my soul,
The lesson of the pain, clearer to me now.

I remember to trust, this pain, this experience,
This teaching that I am receiving now.
Is just part of my journey, emerging energy,
Leading me into the light where I can dance.

Lessons from the Psychedelic

Today, amongst massive headaches, purging stomach, tiredness, no appetite, I have felt like I’m in another realm.

Following on from a lot of processing yesterday and last night, lots of links being made and emotional release.

I have felt, at times today like I’m on the edge of a mushroom or LSD trip. Real flashback type stuff that I haven’t experienced for years. I felt it in my mind, and that familiar taste/texture I used to get in my mouth. I have felt right on the edge of extreme fear, gripping me, not letting me go, feeling like I’m about to tip into a ‘bad trip’.

I lay on the bed today feeling myself tipping into this place of fear, the familiar feeling of a ‘bad trip’ that I haven’t experienced for at least 15 years, that I have held inside me. Today, I made a connection, those trips were not bad at all, but lessons. They were my teachers, I was just not ready to receive their teachings. Today, I am making the connection, I am changing, I am ready.

I did my first LSD trip at 15, I was with a group of friends. I was scared, yet I felt so connected, so loved, everything was really clear and vivid. Then, I would trip whenever I could, LSD, mushrooms, micro-dots. I would do it in the company of friends, alone, at home, in nature. I remember once going to college with a friend after we had taken some acid, and a knowing lecturer laughing at us and telling us to go and enjoy our trip at home!

Then it changed from being frequent, recreational, to being more of an exploration, a quest for… something. Answers? Peace? Connection? I am not sure. I moved away from chemical trips to only mushrooms. I moved away from (mainly) doing it with friends, to choosing times where I could be alone, or with select people.

There were many trips where I made connections, had realisations, connected to other people, to nature, I remember once being on the beach under a full moon. I was with my then boyfriend and another friend and we all looked at the moon for hours, watching it spiralling and dancing in the sky. I remember time not existing that night. Waking up on the beach in the morning under a blanket, surrounded by holiday makers in swimming costumes etc! I remember walking through town on my own in the rain after taking mushrooms, needing to get away from the people I was with as I felt uncomfortable with them. I was scared, but I headed into the woods and found comfort amongst the trees. I sat there for hours getting wet, seeing things in the shadows as it went dark, later laying and watching the stars in the sky.

Then I remember the ‘bad trips’. Where I felt like I was dying. Where I needed to get out of wherever I was. Where I could hear other peoples thoughts. Where I could see things that were not there (or were they?) Where I knew things that I didn’t want to know. They were dark times. I would sometimes be fevery and sick. I used to feel like I was sliding down a steep hill, spiralling down into a darkness. It used to take all my energy to stop this, absolute fear that I was going to die. I would ‘wake up’ drained, often in a place that I hadn’t remembered going to.

Today I had the realisation, I made the connection, these were the lessons, I prevented myself from learning because I wasn’t ready. I am just now releasing from the fear that I was caught up in that prevented me from learning those lessons.