A Passionate Mind

I feel good today. I feel calm and connected. I feel heard. I feel seen.

I have a sense of deep connection with myself. An understanding (from myself? from others?) that I haven’t felt for a long time. I am aware, right now, of my breath, of the space that I take up, of how my body feels. I am aware that I am hungry, that I have an excitement brewing (though I am not sure what I am excited about!), and of the perpetual ‘to do list’ that occupies my brain.

I was teaching today. I always get a buzz when I teach that group. A bunch of minds that are ripe, varying levels of self-awareness. They provoke within me a strong sense of who I am, allowing memories of when I was at that point in my journey. I have an immense respect for their journeys, their friendship and devotion to each other. I will miss that when the course ends in a couple of weeks.

I enjoy the journey home too, it gives me time to reflect. To absorb and process connections. Ideas. Today I was very aware of body sensations, of a strong inner calm and awareness of the deep connectedness that I was privileged to experience today. Something so rare and beautiful and profound.

Tonight I will meditate, reconnect to the calm, to me. Soon I will plan… future courses, books I will write, poems. I am inspired, motivated and aware if my emerging passionate mind.