Hiding in the Shadows; Dancing in the Light

“As I dare to enter the darkness and shadows of my own fear,

only then can I can truly experience the healing and understanding that I seek;

And from this darkness, eventually, the new day dawns,

and I am able to at last dance freely in the emerging light.”

Today, this made a lot of sense to me. Even though I wrote it several years ago, I didn’t realise the relevance of it until now. The darkness and shadows that I have hidden in for so many years, because it felt so safe there, are just a part of who I am. I was hiding there from monsters, still chasing me from the past; demons who gripped me, sucking the life from me, who would not let me go. Those monsters and demons are still there, but now I become the warrior who can stand up to them, who can protect the little me from suffocating under the weight of their power.

Now, I birth the warrior woman inside. Strong, gentle, feminine, The monsters and demons, always part of me, dissolve into the shadows, whilst I start to dance in the emerging light.

Now, I begin to dance. I begin to dance by standing still like a tree. I begin to sing by singing my truth. I begin to live, I am.