The Energy Inside

Today I notice the energy deep within my body. It is intense. Really powerful and intense. It has been building up for several days (maybe years? lifetimes?). It is the energy that has drawn me towards some people, and pushed me away from others. It is like a new star, gathering energy from the infinite universe. Becoming exponentially powerful. It is an energy which in the last few days has been fueled by qigong, the words of a poem someone sent me to read, the beautiful sky, amazing music, connection with others, solitude, meditation and especially the heart-felt and wise words of someone.

I was reading today about the lower dantian, the energy centre in the lower body, just below the navel. I wonder if this energy I feel is something to do with that? It would be the right location. I’m not sure what to do with it though when it is this intense. I have no appetite for food at the moment, I am eating a little but that is because I am trying to nourish my body on this intense journey that I am on. My heart is beating really fast at the moment too, though I seem to be able to slow that down if I focus on my breathing. My whole body is tingling, the energy reaching my fingertips and toes, engulfing me with ecstatic intensity.

I am learning from all around me. On Monday I asked and watched nature when I was supervising a counsellor (we were outdoors). I was stuck with something we were trying to work out what to do with her two clients (she needs to take a break from counselling for personal reasons). I looked up and in the tree above us and two pigeons came flying out, parting and flying in opposite directions. One landed in a tree opposite and the other flew off. Of course! What the pigeons told me was that these two clients (who I was looking at as ‘one problem’) needed to be separated in my mind and focused on separately. In moments of stillness I am looking within, without, all around and just noticing, just being with, learning.