Dream Love

I reached out and touched her skin,
Surprised by the softness that lay beneath my fingertips.
Her long red hair tumbled down over her shoulders,
Like a veil pushed back.

I looked into her deep, ocean eyes,
And saw her soul shining back at me, trusting, knowing.
She reached out from her soul towards mine,
Embracing my beating heart.

She caressed me with her soft feminine,
Hardly touching me yet pushing waves of ecstasy through by body.
Knowing how to touch me, no words needed,
Understanding who I am.

She held me close, our bodies hot, pulsing,
Entangled together, hearts beating as one in a timeless, forever plane.
In our safe world where no one knows,
Drifting into blissful oneness.

I opened my eyes into the darkness,
Reaching out into the cold, empty bed beside me, realising, heart sinking.
Disbelief, deep heart-sadness, I was alone,
Grieving my dream lover.