The Lesson of Stillness (is Sometimes Hard)

Stillness is sometimes hard. Today this is what I have found. I know I find peace and attunement in the stillness. In the space in between breaths, in the shadows. And today it has eluded me somewhat. There is a lesson there too, but I cannot see it or hear it yet.

I have been with the bees today, but have also not ‘been’ with them, just ‘doing’ with them. Chores and necessities which have taken me away from the stillness.


I have also felt disconnected today. I wonder if some of the disconnectedness comes from what I have put into my body today? After my qigong this morning I felt amazing. I have also drank a lot of water all day too (it’s been hot!). However, I ate a lot of bread, hardly any fruit or veg. And, most disappointingly (with myself) I had a few sips of alcohol at a bbq I was at this afternoon. It was literally about four or five sips (of homemade mead). I had decided not to drink any alcohol at the moment, even with J drinking most nights I haven’t had any desire to have an alcoholic drink, so I was a bit upset with myself for having some today. I’ve not had any since, and it feels really empowering, really strong not to.

Of this, I am accepting.

All is as it is meant to be.