The Teacher

“Be watchful around you… as with all of us, when the Student is ready, a Teacher appears!”

I am truly in awe of everything that I am learning. From the stillness, from the space in between breaths, from within me and from without.

I am even more astounded how much of a beginner I am on this journey, how I will always be a beginner, a learner, a student of this life that I am so grateful for.

The above sentence was spoken to me this week by… well a teacher. Someone whose words have resonated deep within my heart, singing in tune with my spirit and knowing of my journey. But I didn’t see that. I saw a man who cared and was being kind to me, but I missed (until now) how much he has taught me in the very short time I have known him. Today something has clicked, the penny dropped. Even if I never see him, speak to him, or read his wise words again (and I will deeply grieve if that happens), I am honoured to have had him touch my life and know that he has been witness to this massive change that is taking place within me, and that his energy and healing is part of the catalyst for this change.

Thank you, teacher, friend. From my heart, from my soul.